Frequently Asked Questions


What is Streetspotr?

The smartphone app that enables you to earn real money doing small tasks (we call them Spots) using your smartphone or tablet. Simply open the app to discover where Spots are available in your area and we will show you how to make some fast cash.

Streetspotr is all about connecting businesses with people who are in the right place at the right time so they can report on what's happening out there on the street… with their smartphones at the ready of course!

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Is Streetspotr available to download for both Android and iPhone?


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Is Streetspotr free to use?

Yes! Streetspotr is totally free to use for both Android and iPhone.

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Am I eligible to be a Streetspotr?

Streetspotrs must be at least 18 years of age and have a smartphone with a camera and mobile internet access. It is also necessary to have a PayPal account, so we can pay you quickly and securely. Don't worry if you don't have one yet, we can who you how to set one up.

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What do I have to do to become a Streetspotr?

First, get the App from the App Store or the Google Play Store. When you open it for the first time, you have to register with some basic information so we can identify spots in your area.

You will get a mail with an activation link, which you have to confirm to finish your registration. If you can´t find this mail, check your spamfolder and/or contact the support ( Then you’re ready to go!

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What is a Spot?

In Streetspotr language, a Spot means a small job or task. Each job has a detailed description of what is required and if you accept a Spot you agree to complete the job. This Spot is now reserved for you for 12 hours, or whatever timeframe is specified and other Streetspotrs can´t see it anymore.

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What kind of Spots are available?

Businesses value your opinion, on a range of topics, from a "Customer" perspective. Sometimes Spots can be as simple as answering a few survey questions and typically will only take you a few minutes to complete.

The most common Spots are those that require a photograph of a particular product. Our clients often want to know how their product is looking on the shelf in comparison to their competitors. Some spots are more complex and time consuming – naturally these Spots pay more!

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This sounds too good to be true. Shall I retire now?

It is all true. You have the potential to make real money simply by being in the right place at the right time with your smartphone. However, best not to quit your day job! Streetspotr is not designed to be your main source of income as jobs come and go. So, while you have the potential to make some serious pocket money, it’s not going to pay your mortgage! And always keep a look out for jobs in your area.

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How much does each Spot pay?

Generally Spots pay between £3 and £5. A £3 job on average takes 3 minutes to complete- so that’s equivalent to an hourly rate of £60, not bad eh!?

More complex Spots can pay up to £25 each. These high end Spots will only be offered to experienced Streetspotrs with a reliable history and those who have earned "points". We will also be sending you spots that will give you the opportunity to be rewarded by points.

So it’s important to build a good track record, completing jobs that you accept within the required timeframe and taking good quality photos so you will be rewarded with positive internal reviews.

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I can see a Spot on my map, but I can’t accept it. Why not?

There are two possible reasons for this. You might not yet have enough ‘Street Points’ (experience) OR you are physically too far away from the spot to accept it. You must be within 400 metres of a Spot in order to accept it.

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How many Spots can I accept per day?

As you would expect the more experienced spotrs can take on more spots.

The amount of Spots you can work on at the same time depends on the amount of StreetPoints you have earned: 5 Spots with up to 300 StreetPoints, 10 Spots as from 300 StreetPoints, 15 Spots as from 500 StreetPoints and 20 Spots as from 1000 StreetPoints.

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How much time do I have to complete a Spot?

You will generally have 12 hours to complete the Spot once you have accepted it. Some jobs require a faster turnaround speed and some give you a bit longer; we will always tell you how long you have to complete the spot of this before you accept it.

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Can I pause a Spot and continue it later?

When you have completed all the questions, you can pause your Spot and upload your results via your Wifi at home, provided it's within the required timeframe for each spot, so you don’t have to upload a large amount of data with your mobile internet. The amount of Spots you can pause depends on how many StreetPoints you have earned yet. The scale is as followed: 5 Spots with up to 300 StreetPoints, 10 Spots as from 300 StreetPoints, 15 Spots as from 500 StreetPoints and 20 Spots as from 1000 StreetPoints.

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Why has my Spot been rejected?

The good news is that we don’t reject many Spots, as we take great care in writing step-by-step instructions to help you get the job done right the first time.

And if your Spot is rejected we will provide you with feedback and ideally invite you are able to re-do the Spot if the time limit permits.

The most common reason why Spots are rejected is because the image is blurred. Check out our guide, ‘How to take the best photographs with your smartphone’ for some handy tips.

And it always helps to read and then re-read the specifications for the Spot! And another obvious one - be sure to submit your work before the Spot expires. Failure to submit a Spot before the time limit will lead to it being automatically rejected, and that's not good for your reputation, to secure the high ticket spots! So please be sure that you are able to submit jobs that you accept.

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What are StreetPoints?

For every £ you earn from Streetspotr, you simultaneously earn 10 StreetPoints. Spotrs with the most StreetPoints will be offered the more involved and higher paying Spots, which could be worth £25+.

And on the flipside, we don’t offer higher paying jobs to Streetspotrs with few StreetPoints. That's because we know the more spots you do the more accurate your feedback will be. .

We need to know that you are a reliable person and that you are able to deliver accurate, trustworthy results and so that's why your points score is important for you to work on. So we can choose you for better jobs.

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What are Badges?

Badges are special awards within Streetspotr, like our very own qualification system. The more Badges you gather, the more appealing you will be to our clients, and therefore the more spots you will be offered. Badges identify you as an expert within a particular filed. You can find a detailed overview of the Badges.

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What is StreetNews?

StreetNews is a private secure forum for Streetspotrs so you can chat with other Streetspotrs, ask questions or answer them.

And here you will find the recent news, such as special Spots, Badges or what's coming up soon.

And StreetNews is being updated all the time. The topics are divided in different channels, so you and the other users can find easily the contents and news stories that are most interesting to you.

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What can I do to prevent my Spots from getting rejected?

First of all you should read the detailed Spot description and the instructions. Think about every task description separately and pay attention that you finish them carefully and completely. The task descriptions can vary from case to case! If you're not sure how much text is needed, make it rather too detailed than too short.

When taking photos or making videos you should make sure that they are not blurry and well-lit. Details should be clearly visible. If you need more feedback please email :

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I see Spots on the map with a red lock! What does this mean?

These are Spots that are currently only available to Streetspotrs with a certain amount of experience. Once you have the sufficient number of StreetPoints, you will be granted access to these higher paying Spots. Click on the Spot to see how many more StreetPoints you need before you can access it. Then look at the spots you can do that will earn you more points.

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I see Spots on the map with a green zero! What does this mean?

These Spots can only earn you StreetPoints, they are not paid Spots. But remember, the more StreetPoints you gather, the more higher paying jobs will open up to you. And they are fun too!

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My data allowance is used up by Streetspotr way too fast!

If you have already finished all tasks, you can pause the Spot and upload your results within the required time via your Wifi at home. That way you don’t have to upload a great amount of data using your mobile internet.

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For some jobs I have to spend money. Why?

For some Spots you first have to acquire a product (the price always stays within reason), to be able to test it. At the end of the task you get the money you paid to buy the product reimbursed as part of the reward payment into your paypay account. We always try to accept and pay these Spots extra quickly.

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How can I see Spots in other cities?

You can do this on both Apple and Android devices.

With iOS: In the map view click on the loupe icon in the map view and type in the desired city or address.

With Android: In the map view, click on the menu button of your smartphone and select “Search”. Here you can type in the desired city or address.

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I can't read the full task description!

Please note the small info “i”!

Once you’ve accepted a Spot, you can read the task description by clicking on the "i“ at the top right. Please also always note the instructions at the start of each Spot.

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I found a bug!

Sorry to hear that but please share it with us so we can quickly fix. For bug reports and other problems, please turn to

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I had a crash!

If you have to report a crash you can proceed as followed: Android: Just send the message that you get after the crash, directly to our Android market account (you can also leave us a message and include your system data). Or you can use CatLog, a free app in the Android market that lets you read the crashlog and then send it by mail to If possible, please also always send screenshots for a better description of the problem.

iOS: Just automatically forward the message that you get after the crash (you can also leave us a message and include your system data). Alternatively you can find the crash report as followed: First, synchronize your iPhone with iTunes. After the synchronization you can find the crashlog data under: * Mac OS X : /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Logs/ CrashReporter/MobileDevice/[DEVICENAME] * Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings[USERNAME]\ Application Data\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\ [DEVICENAME] * Windows Vista and Windows 7: C:\Users[USERNAME]\ AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\ MobileDevice[DEVICE_NAME] Here you can find data that start with “Streetspotr”. Please send these data to If possible, please also always send screenshots for a better description of the problem.

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How can I find just a specific type of Spot? There are too many Spots on the map!

iOS: To filter the available Spots by type, go to the list view (you get there by clicking on the list icon at the top right in the map view). Then click on the filter icon at the top left and then on “Spot-name”. Now the Spots in the list view are sorted by name and presented with the distance to your location.

Android: In the map view click on the menu button of your smartphone and click on "list view". Open the menu again and select "Sort by". Here you can click on “Spot-name”. Now the Spots in the list view are sorted by name and presented with the distance to your location.

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How can I filter paid and unpaid Spots?

iOS: To filter the available Spots by price, go to the list view (you get there by clicking on the list icon at the top right in the map view). Then click on the filter icon at the top left and then on “Payment”. Now the Spots in the list view are sorted by price and presented with the distance to your location.

Android: In the map view click on the menu button of your smartphone and click on "list view". Open the menu again and select "Sort by". Here you can click on “Payment”. Now the Spots in the list view are sorted by price and presented with the distance to your location.

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How do I get rated?

Most of the time you will get a short text on how your Spot was reviewed. Here we orient ourselves by the best Streetspotrs and take them as a standard. If you didn’t receive a text, but your Spot has been accepted, you can be sure, that it qualitatively lies in or above the usual frame. An internal review system also allows us to capture a quick review of your spot. That way, you can later e.g. be pre-selected for certain spots, if you have always delivered a good job.

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My Spot has been rejected – what now?

If your Spot got rejected, you can correct it within a defined period of time. In order to do this, go to "My Jobs" and click on “Correct Spot” at the bottom of the particular Spot. You can also always look at the results of your Spot at the top right under “Results”. Your correction will then be checked again. Try to avoid rejected Spots by always reading the information and task descriptions very carefully.

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Do I always have to start over when collecting StreetPoints?

No, you don’t always have to start over to finish Spots with certain StreetPoint requirements. When you have reached the required number of StreetPoints for a specific, previously locked type of Spot, it is permanently unlocked for you. Once you have acquired StreetPoints you keep them and don’t have to trade them in to do other Spots. Your Street Points can only increase!

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I didn’t receive certain Badges!

It can take up to 24 hours until you receive your badge. However if a certain badge hasn’t been unlocked for you, although according to the badge description it should have, please email :

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Why are Spots I have already finished, still visible on my friend’s map?

Spots you have finished, don’t necessarily disappear from the map.

In some cases, the client has asked us to offer a spot more than once in order to have comparisons and also wants to explore the collective “wisdom of crowds". Another Streetspotr can therefore support and supplement what you have found.

In general, all Spots can be offered either once, twice or several times. So finish your Spots as quickly and carefully as you can.

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Can I do Spots with a friend?

Unless it is specifically stated not to, you can always do a Spots with a friend, as that can often be how you would normally go shopping.

But you should always answer the questions as if you were doing the Spot alone, so always finish your tasks, including the photos, by yourself. Sometimes spots can be offered several times as they require different point of views, in which case your friend might be offered the spot and they accept on the system. Then they should report on their own views.

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How long does it take to review my Spot?

We review and approve ( or give you feedback on how to correct spots) as quickly as possible, normally within 24hrs, but this can take up to 7 days.

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I didn’t receive my verification mail!

Please make sure that you enter your mail address correctly at the registration and just to be sure please check your spam or Junk folders. If you don’t receive an email with the activation link, please turn to

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I can’t login on your website!

The login on our website is currently reserved for registered business clients. Users can register via our website, however the login is restricted to the app only!

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How old do I have to be to use Streetspotr?

To use Streetspotr you have to be at least 18 years old.

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What do I have to be careful of when completing photo-tasks?

Please pay attention, that * The photos are not blurry. * The pictures are taken with your smartphone (pictures from the internet are not allowed) * No photo effects are used, the pictures are not edited or taken with any other app or program. * No people are recognizable on the photos without their consent.

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What are don'ts?

Streetspotr is mostly about collecting current photos on site.

Therefore, we urge you to never use any photos you are not the originator of (e.g. images from the internet) or applications that allow you to manipulate/change your positioning data.

In case of a contravention we might be forced to delete your Streetspotr account or in the worse case even institute legal proceedings against you.

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Why do we use Google Play Services?

Google Play Services help to optimize the Streetspotr App. With Google Play Services you can receive Push Notifications. Furthermore it will not drain your battery because it won't try locating your current position all the time.

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My StreetPoints are gone! What happened?

Basically we don´t delete StreetPoints. If your account shows zero points, you may have logged in with the wrong details.

This sometimes can happen if you have not used the app for a long time and you are now started to connect via Facebook. For example, we automatically create a new account, if you are using different e-mail-addresses to register on Facebook and Streetspotr. We can unite these two accounts, simply write us a short mail to

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Facebook Login - what is important to know?

The Facebook-Login allows you to connect to the app more easily. If you log in via Facebook for the first time we automatically create an account basing on your Facebook data. If you already a Streetspotr-account with a different email address, you now have got two accounts which can be united by us. Simply notify us at :

Further if you agree we can share certain information with Facebook, e.g. you are a Streetspotr. But you have to confirm that first.

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Can I use the app offline too?

When you accept the spot you have to have a connection by mobile internet ( GPRS, 3G or 4G) or wifi. Sometimes it may be necessary to work offline on location, but you then need to upload the "Spot" when you are back online.

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What is the 12-7-30 rule?

With this simple rule you can easily remember the timeline from accepting a Spot till the time you get paid:

12 hours working time on the Spot 7 days for the review by us 30 days until you get your money via PayPal

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