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What is Streetspotr?

Streetspotr is the Smartphone app that allows you to earn money doing seriously small tasks using your Smartphone. Here’s how it works:

Download the Streetspotr app

Before you ask, the answer is YES! Streetspotr is available for both iPhone and Android and is completely free to use and download. Please be aware – you must be at least 18 years of age to use Streetspotr.

Find Spots near you

Open the app to discover where Spots are currently available. When you are within 400 metres of a location-based job, you are able to accept it. There are some Spots you can do directly from home, sitting on your couch! We also keep you up to date when new Spots become available in your area via a quick push notification.

Complete the task within the time limit

Once you have accepted a task, you must complete it within a certain time frame (usually 12hrs). Simply submit the information via your Smartphone and we check that you have completed it accurately. Spots can be as simple as taking a photo or answering a few survey questions. In general, Spots are really simple tasks that will only take you a few minutes to complete. Some spots are more complex and time consuming – naturally these Spots pay more!

We pay you!

You are paid within 30 business days after the money was requested. Payment is sent directly to your PayPal account, and we absorb all admin fees, so you get exactly how much you have earned.

What our Streetspotrs say:
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  • RTL
  • Pro Sieben
  • Wirtschafts Woche
  • Werben & Verkaufen
  • Spiegel Online
  • Bild
  • N24
  • The Wall Street Journal