Badges, you can earn in our Community



Welcome to the team



1 real Spot under your belt



10 Spots successfully completed



25 Spots successfully completed

Veteran candidate

Veteran Candidate

100 Spots successfully completed



500 Spots successfully completed

Shooting star

Shooting Star

250 StreetPoints within three consecutive Spots

Rocket man

Rocket Man

500 StreetPoints within three consecutive Spots

Street sleuth

Street Sleuth

1000 StreetPoints earned

Hard worker

Hard Worker

2000 StreetPoints earned

Street master

Street Master

5000 StreetPoints earned

Go for the million starter

Go for the Million - Starter

10,000 StreetPoints earned

Go for the million walker

Go for the Million - Walker

50,000 StreetPoints earned

Go for the million runner

Go for the Million - Runner

100,000 StreetPoints earned

Go for the million sprinter

Go for the Million - Sprinter

200,000 StreetPoints earned

Street burner

Street Burner

At least 20 Spots within max. 5 days



At least 10 Spots in one day



At least 3 Spots in at least 3 cities

City hopper superstar

City Hopper Superstar

at least 50 Spots in at least 50 cities

City hopper master

City Hopper Master

at least 100 Spots in at least 100 cities

Amateur photographer

Amateur Photographer

At least 20 photos in all Spots



At least 50 photos in all Spots

Professional photographer

Professional Photographer

At least 100 photos in all Spots

Star photographer

Star Photographer

At least 500 photos in all Spots

Spy photographer

Spy Photographer

At least 10,000 photos in all Spots



At least 20 essay questions

Frantic reporter

Frantic Reporter

At least 50 essay questions



At least 100 multiple-choice questions

Xmas hero

Xmas Hero

Surprise Christmas Badge for active Streetspotr with at least one "real" spot. Award just for Christmas!

Xmas superhero

Xmas Superhero

Surprise badge for being a particularly active Streetspotr. This confirms commitment, number of Spots, bug reports, and is assigned by the Streetspotr team at Christmas time. This badge is 500 extra StreetPoints.



Active bug and crash sensors. This badge brings 100 StreetPoints

Bug hunter

Bug Hunter

Very active bug and crash sensors. This badge brings 250 StreetPoints

Eagle eye

Eagle Eye

Extremely active bug and crash sensors. Especially many constructive suggestions. This badge brings 500 StreetPoints



Helps other Streetspotrs with common questions and problems. This badge brings 500 StreetPoints.

Community supporter

Community Supporter

Regularly contributes to helping other Streetspotrs with common questions and problems. This badge brings 250 StreetPoints.

Social star

Social Star

after 5 steps Spots

Social superstar

Social Superstar

after 10 steps Spots

Social hero

Social Hero

after 20 steps Spots

Early bird

Early Bird

at least 20 Spots uploaded within 4:00 and 6:00 a.m.

Night owl

Night Owl

at least 50 Spots uploaded within 1:00 and 2:00 a.m.



10 sightseeing Spots

Super sightseer

Super Sightseer

50 sightseeing Spots

Sightseeing master

Sightseeing Master

100 sightseeing Spots

Santa claus

Santa Claus

after accepted Xmas Spot from december 24th

We change it greenhorn

We change it | Greenhorn

After 5 successfull social Spots.

We change it veteran candidate

We change it | Veteran candidate

After 20 successfull social Spots.

We change it veteran

We change it | Veteran

After 50 successfull social Spots.

Good deed

Good Deed

After successfull "Good Deed" Spot or for doing a really good deed.

Easter egg hunter

Easter Egg Hunter

After 5 successful Easter Spots.



You're enjoying the advantages of a Pro Spotr.

Reporting racer

Reporting Racer

after 50 Find a location-Spots

Reporting pro

Reporting Pro

after 100 Find a location-Spots

Limit breaker

Limit Breaker

after 15 rejected Spots

Money rain

Money Rain

finished 100 paid Spots within 7 days

Money maker

Money Maker

requested payout of the incentive for at least 50 Spots at the same time



after successfully qualifying by finishing the "Be a Trendspotr!"-Spot in selected cities



after at least one Spot out of all four "Advendeer" categories

Local hero

Local Hero

after one successful "COVID-19 Produkt Radar" spot

Easter social media star

Easter Social Media Star

after one successful Easter Spot 2020


Known from
  • RTL
  • Pro Sieben
  • Wirtschafts Woche
  • Werben & Verkaufen
  • Spiegel Online
  • Bild
  • N24
  • The Wall Street Journal